Astrophotography Workshop

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Date(s) - 30/01/2016
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Scottish Dark Sky Observatory


Learn how to capture the night sky at the Astrophotography workshop with Viridian Skies.

Find out how to use your camera to photograph the night sky, with expert advice on camera technique, composition and post-processing along with a practical session – all from the dark sky location of the observatory.

Viridian Skies specialise in capturing the beauty of the night through mediums including photography, time lapse film, abstract art and more. The night sky holds a multitude of unique subjects and genres. During the astrophotography workshops you will have the opportunity to photograph and learn about a diverse range of celestial beauty. We will be at hand to help you fully apply your own creative style to this under explored medium.

Workshop Requirements:
You need to bring your own camera (preferably a Canon/Nikon digital SLR camera with lens) and a tripod (or other means of supporting the camera).

Starting at 7pm. Tickets are priced at £25.

  • Use of the telescopes for viewing the night sky and naked eye viewing is only possible when we have clear skies.
  • Events go ahead in all weather conditions except where roads are impassible due to snow.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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