Lyrid Meteor Shower @ 9.30pm

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Date(s) - 21/04/2020
9:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Scottish Dark Sky Observatory


Meteor showers occur when the Earth’s orbit crosses the path of a comet, colliding with a trail of comet debris. That’s why they happen around the same time every year and appear to originate from quite specific points in the sky. As the comet debris burns up in the atmosphere, the meteors created leave bright streaks across the sky which are commonly referred to as ‘shooting stars’.

Lyrid meteors are tiny pieces of Comet Thatcher, a comet which orbits the sun about once in every 415 years. Every year, however, pieces of debris left in the comet’s wake make themselves known.   The Lyrids are one of the oldest recorded showers, with observations dating back to around 650 B.C.

Their radiant (the point in the sky from which the meteors seem to originate) will be high in the evening sky in the constellation Lyra,  to the northeast of Vega, one of the brightest stars visible in the night sky this time of year.  But don’t look directly towards the radiant because then you may miss the meteors with the longest tails.

You don’t need any kind of special equipment to see the meteors; just look up at the dark sky, be patient and enjoy the show. 

Come along and join us tonight for a night sky experience when, weather permitting, we’ll be viewing the Lyrid Meteor Shower and also the natural wonders of the night sky through our large telescopes from a dark sky location.

Session begins at 9.30pm

Tickets are priced at:

Adults £16.00

Seniors (aged 65+) and Student (with valid ID) £12.00

Children £10.00

  • Use of the telescopes for viewing the night sky is only possible when we have clear skies.
  • Events go ahead in all weather conditions except where roads are impassible due to snow.
  • Visit includes introductory presentation, guided stargazing and telescope tour.

Please note, all ticket sales are non-refundable. 

A minimum of  7 days notice is required (by e-mail) if you wish to reschedule your booking.



Ticket TypePriceSpaces
Adult Ticket£ 16.00
Senior/Student Ticket
Senior 65+ or Student with valid ID
£ 12.00
Child Ticket£ 10.00

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